You, Me, We: An Exercise in Building Team Culture

In my senior year of high school, I decided to see if my athleticism could transfer to the volleyball court. I had been a two-way starter on the football team all four years and had spent time on the wrestling team, baseball team, track team, and the competition cheerleading team. How hard could it be? […]

3 Tips For Creating Sports Confidence

First of all, let’s decide something right now. You are not competing with anyone else, ever again. Starting now, your primary strategy is to make everyone else around you play at your level. You won’t make excuses; you’ll cause others to make them. You won’t play down to an opponent’s level; it’s up to them to […]

How to Develop Mental Toughness in an Athlete

This past weekend I was in Southern California watching friends compete in a Tough Mudder. 10 miles and 18 obstacles requiring strength, endurance, and above all, mental toughness. Mental Toughness has been a buzzword as of late, and completing a task like the one Amanda completed requires plenty of it. I ran across a Ted Talk that helps […]

Mental Toughness Book List

A short list of books on mental toughness. Sport Psychology is the study of concentration, imagery, goal setting, relaxation, and rituals. These five topics are what separate good athletes from great athletes and the successful from the unsuccessful. Here is list of my top 10 non-fiction Mental Strength books. I am addicted to ideas on mental […]