Yelling vs Coaching

I stand in front of seven 6th-grade basketball players as I try to teach them a lesson in communication. <Opening Scene> “Imagine you are on the playground 100 feet away from your best friend and you want to know if they want to join your game.” “Like jump rope?” asks Taylor. “Sure, like jump rope. […]

How catching a Pokemon can help you win more games.

Yesterday, I was teaching a group of 10 14-year-olds about leadership and I told a story about the first time I learned about leadership. I was their age, and someone I looked up to handed me three cassette tapes by John C. Maxwell. Then a hand slowly went up. “Yes?” I asked. With a confused […]

Introduction to Coach Notes

Welcome to Coach Notes! One of the greatest joys in my life is coaching athletes, especially young athletes. Over the years I have learned a few things and every season I find the same types of questions get asked. Questions like, “When should my child focus on one sport?” or “How do I get my athlete […]