Weight Loss Tips

You are a failure only when you stop completley. Getting off-track does not mean failure.

Its almost the end of January. Have you fallen off the weight loss in January band wagon? Stop with the excuses. Weight loss is not all about cutting calories and exercising until you can’t move,  but really it is a lifestyle change that you have to constantly work at! Diet is a huge part of losing weight, but it is not the ONLY thing! Here are some strategies to get back on track.

1. Set some goals — you want to make sure when you’re setting weight loss goals that their realistic.  While many of us might like to lose 50lbs., it takes time.  If you think today you’re going to lose 50lbs. by this time next month not only are you wrong but this could be dangerous.
2. Have a food journal — it helps if you keep track of the food that you’re reading, which will help you get a better understanding of how much you are eating and when.  By keeping track of the food you’re eating you may be able to identify which foods are a problem.
3.  Don’t eat as soon as hunger strikes — you may be tempted to eat as soon as you feel the slightest hunger pain.  If you wait ten minutes, you may discover this was merely a craving, and you don’t really want to eat.
4. Get Proper amounts of sleep — as silly as it sounds, you may not be getting enough sleep.  When we’re tired our bodies tend to look for food for necessary energy.  This is often the time when we reached for quick sugary snacks.
5.  Grocery Shopping — whatever you do avoid grocery shopping while you’re hungry.  Studies have shown that those who grocery shop while hungry tend to do more impulse buying and typically not of healthy foods.
6.  Water is your friend — make sure you drink plenty of water.  Not only does water help make you feel full, it will also help prevent your body from retaining unnecessary water.  It is typically recommended that you drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily.
7. Eat Snacks – if you tend to snack it is a great idea to keep plenty of raw vegetables, fruit, and even fat free popcorn or other healthy snack readily available.  This will help you stay on track.
8.  No Skipping meals – while it may be tempting to skip a meal to help you lose weight, this actually will work against you.  If you skip a meal, you’re going to be far hungrier the next time and you’re liable to over eat.
Losing and maintaining your weight does not have to mean suffering.  Combining healthy eating habits and regular exercise into a healthier lifestyle is the recipe for success and a great liposuction alternative.
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