Unleash the Athlete is a sport and performance psychology practice based in Dallas, TX. We work with professional, collegiate and youth athletes across all sports on how to maximize their mental game and increase their leadership ability. Athletes are educated through activity, lecture, and personal reflection. Working with one of our performance coaches will help an athlete reach their full potential in sport and be able to transfer those important skills to life after sport. 

We create opportunities for athletes to strengthen mental resiliency and increase leadership ability through activities, lecture, and reflection. 

Our Mission


We believe an athlete can increase their performance by learning mental strategies and have a longer career by intentionally building their character. 




...knowing you arrived to the edge of your potential and stood tall in the face of adversity. Win or lose, success is never being defeated, only running out of time. 

Success is


...the ability to access your talent at the highest level you are capable on a consistent basis regardless of the situation.



...self-awareness and an understanding that traits like integrity, humility, and 

Character Development is