Character Development

Talent Gets You Noticed, Character Gets You Recruited by James Leath

The recruiter is not there to see you tackle, throw, bump, spike, pitch, catch, hit, shoot, or pass for the thousandth time. He already knows your stats. He has already watched your highlight film and read all the press clippings. He has likely seen you play. What he is looking for are called intangibles, the things that cannot be easily measured, but make all the difference.

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Molding Men by James Leath

"The idea of molding men means a lot to me." Coach Bear Bryant said that. When coaching football, that is reality what we are doing. These young men look to us for guidance on the field and subsequently will use those same strategies off the field. We teach how to have a sense pride, how to handle winning and losing, to believe in themselves, to "finish the block" and how to communicate with others. Ask yourself, who on your team looks at you like a father? Remember, you don't have to be a good father to be looked at like a father. There are PLENTY of bad fathers out there...