A Championship Game / by James Leath

I don't get it...a team spends season long preparing, working hard, playing through injuries, going to practice, sacrificing family time and time with friends, only to get to the championship game and not be excited. It is the last game of the year, yet I see teams show up with an entitlement attitude only to lose to a team with less talent but wanted it more. J. Maxwell was tight when he claimed talent is never enough. Its about attitude, its about mental toughness. Its about going out there and playing your heart out for 4 quarters and giving the other team a challenge. This year, my Stallions had a great season, yet the championship lacked greatness. There were a few setbacks that week in practice with two players quitting then coming back, plus my QB was sick on Monday and Tuesday, but when we got to the game there was just no fight in them! I could see it in their eyes. Playing a sport is very physical, I agree. But the mental aspect must be considered and intentionally included if an athlete is going to be victorious.

This past weekend I attended the 7th grade championship in Madera. Like I have seen before in other teams, Rio was just not in it. No celebration after a TD, no hustle in their step. It was a sad game with a predictable outcome.

Life is about being mentally strong. Be mentally strong and be able to adapt to your surroundings and you will go far in this life.