Accountability. Grab a partner… / by James Leath

No one is an island. I am sure you have heard that before, but it is true. I am willing to bet most people that had a resolution of losing weight this year haven't gone back to the gym in a week and are now somewhat depressed because you have failed, again.

That is where your buddy comes in.

A friend will keep you accountable. Accountability is the #1 reason resolutions fail. If there is someone encouraging you when you don't want to do something, you are more likely to just go out and do it. Also, if losing weight is your goal, write down what you eat in a small food journal. This way, before you hit that fast food joint you'll think, "I have to write this in my journal and show it to my accountability partner." Then hopefully you'll reconsider and go to the store to spend half your lunch money on better choices like fruits and vegetables.

So grab a partner, set up some boundaries, and challenge each other to stay faithful. Flying solo is preparation to fail.