Dear Multiple Choice, We Are Not Friends. / by James Leath

I figured out this morning why "learning" has changed for me since being through with school. Teachers always advocated for reading and studying for the exam. But since leaving school, I have read and studied for understanding. These are very different. I can't take a test to save my life. In fact, I failed the NSCA personal training exam twice before passing, and that was after 8 years as a trainer. I knew the material. I have helped hundreds of people battle their minds and environment to help them overcome obesity and lose weight. But a multiple choice exam will take me down every time.

I wish I had been told to study for understanding when I was younger. Maybe I was, but I wasn't listening. If you are young, or old, stop studying for the test and instead study for understanding.

Straight A's don't make you successful, understanding the world around you will.