Did you want to be like your coach? / by James Leath

I grew up idolizing two certain coaches from pop warner to high school. I was fortunate to have them for more than one year as a coach and teacher.  They were both  faithful family men, loved their athletes, and showed everyone respect (at least the ones that showed them respect). Now that I am a coach I have reached out to them for advice and I don't think I can ever express how important they were to me growing up. (Thank you, Gene Gabriel and Mike Nolte.) Here is the rub: Your athletes are going to imitate you, whether you are good or bad. You habits, mannerisms, and attitude will be reflected in your students. They are ALWAYS watching. Be the man you would want your athletes to one day be. The world is running out of heroes. Don't miss out on the great opportunity you have to shape the men of the future.