From a Diet Mentality to a Healthy Change / by James Leath

When it comes to getting in shape, I can not think of anything more stressful and more painful than starting a "diet." "Eat less carbs,"  "watch out for fat," buy these supplements," "eat this tree bark." Whatever the "trick" is, you have to pay for it with hunger pains and in the end the only thing skinny is your wallet. Let's try a new approach. This week, instead of chips, have an apple with string cheese (save 200 calories). Instead of bread surrounding your sandwich, use big pieces of lettuce (save 200 calories). Instead of a soda, have some home brewed tea (save 100-300 calories). Doing small changes like this now will add up to large amounts of weight loss later. In fact, let's say you did those 3 things everyday for the last 7 days. That means 700 calories (a little more than the typical workout will burn) are not going into your body. If they did, in 7 days that would be 4900 calories. Remember how many calories makes up a pound? 3500. Can you see how the weight can add up?

Think "consistency" and invest some time in the process. You did not gain the weight overnight and you will not lose it that way either. Now let's go sweat it out!