1/2 of Americans are on Meds / by James Leath

Whenever I go to the Rite Aid next to my house I buy my items at the pharmacy because there is never a line.

The guy in front of me was talking on the phone, very loudly. He told the caller he was "picking up his blood pressure and diabetes medicine." Before he paid, he reached down an grabbed a Snickers, a Twix, and some Skittles. I don't think he "gets it." One thing is for sure, Rite Aid knows where to put things so that people will buy them! "Hey, let's put candy below the pharmacy counter because we know sick people will eat this crap!" (Applause, applause!)

For the first time, it appears that more than half of all insured Americans are taking prescription medicines regularly for chronic health problems, a study shows.

The most widely used drugs are those to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol - problems often linked to heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

The numbers were gathered last year by Medco Health Solutions Inc., which manages prescription benefits for about one in five Americans. Click here to see full article...

And the battle for America's health continues. Forget health care, we need health reform!