Merry Fitness and a Happy New Rear! / by James Leath

A resolution that lasts goes beyond Jan 2.

Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Year's...oh my!...How does one survive without gaining weight during these times? Our culture is a culture of eating. Every social event is riddled with high fat, high sugar, high guilt foods that leave you feeling terrible. And who has time for the gym? With the kids, the crazy boss demanding your soul, and your spouse feeling the same way, where does one find time for self? Forget resolutions- it's time to set some real GOALS. Click here to go straight to the sign up form.

When an athlete wants to raise his or her game, they go to the coach. The coach is the person that spends their time thinking of strategies in how to help the athlete perform better. In my many years of coaching, I have seen that the number-one thing that helps a person be successful is a plan. Second, is accountability and motivation to stick to that plan. Once an athlete has a plan, the coach makes sure the athlete follows through with that plan and finds ways to alter it when it needs to be changed. This does not just apply to those about to play a game, but these same principles can be applied to your life. After all, life is a sport, and a contact sport at that!

Here is the problem: What we lack is motivation. We lack direction in our private lives. If we had a moment to balance ourselves and realign our life with the things we value, how much more valuable would we be to those around us? How much easier would it be to stick to our resolutions if a coach was there every time we messed up to get us back in line with what we want?

Here is the solution: When was the last time you sat down and wrote out a strategy to get the things you want? It's a goal writing session-not a blanket thought

of wants and then name them resolutions. Athletes hire a coach to bring out the best in themselves. Whether you call yourself an athlete or not, a coach is something everyone needs.

Here is where I come in. I have many years of experience helping those who want to accomplish more. Whether it is to lose weight, gain muscle, create a nutrition plan that fits into what you already eat, or just accountability in achieving your life goals, I want to help you get there. I am offering a free 30 minute session to help you create a goal sheet for 2011. Then, we will discuss way for you to actually achieve those goals. With a solid plan, you will succeed.

Take this opportunity to make 2011 the milestone in your life. You can do this, I want to help.

NOTE: Do to the nature of this offer, I am only offering this to the first 10 people to click here and  fill out the form.  I am excited!!! You should be too! This is going to be an amazing year!