Moving to the California Central Coast / by James Leath

Being a personal trainer in Fresno, Ca has been an amazing experience. My journey has taken me everywhere from bootcamps in local parks to strength trainer at a major university to doing what I love most: one on one personal training. Yesterday it was brought to my attention that I was voted #2 fitness instructor in all of Fresno, according to Fresno Magazine. I have some incredible clients whom I brag about all the time. They continue to surpass the goals we set together.

So, my Bride, who is running in her first marathon next week (click here to see her journey in blog form) was promoted in her job as a marketer at REC Solar. REC Solar is located in San Luis Obispo, Ca. Part of the agreement of her accepting the position is to live in SLO and work out of their headquarters. (I'll be honest, it did not take much convincing for me to agree to move to the coast!)

Sadly, I have to say goodbye to some amazing clients at the end of November at One on One Fitness and Pilates. Gil Roberts has created an amazing place for an independent trainer to work and any trainer there should feel very lucky to be there. I highly recommend him and another trainer there, Deja LaMoure. Speaking of trainers, some of my clients will start training with Tanner Munro, a trainer at GB3 on Fowler and Herndon, and my brother-in-law.

Lastly, and dearest to my heart, was saying goodbye to coaching at Saroyan Elementary.

Sumer Avila-Jackson is an INCREDIBLE principalwhom I deeply respect. In the last 10 years, I have coached almost every team they have, and even acted as the athletic director. When the district went to tackle football, I was there to take 3 teams to the last game of the year, winning twice. I even got to teach with my friend Char Graham, my best man, Chris Epperley and one of my favorite former students, Manny Gomez. It was a great 3 years.

So that is it! We are moving as soon as we find a place in SLO. Good times, huh?