STOP, THIEF! / by James Leath

I came home one day from university and I was pooped. I started class at 7am and went non-stop until 5:30pm every Tuesday and Thursday but this particular day I was exhausted because I had 2 exams that day. I remember I kept thinking once I get home, I have one last beer in the fridge and an Its It! ice-cream sandwich waiting to be devoured. I walked in the door, threw my bag on the table, opened the beer. Opened the ice cream sandwich. I was calm at first, trying to remember if I had eaten it the day before. I knew I hadn't, I just knew it. Roommates were gone so I couldn't ask them...then I walked by the garbage can. Inside, right on top, lay an empty can of beer and an Its It! ice-cream sandwich wrapper. I was livid.

Now, a beer and an ice-cream sandwich hardly warrant complete hatred of another man, but a full day's worth of anticipation, only to have it stripped away by a thief just devastated me. My roommate got home a few hours later and I had cooled off by then. Then he lied and said it wasn't him. Finally, he confessed and agreed to do my laundry for a week. Deal.

Why did I tell you that story? Because YOU are a thief. I am a thief. How, you ask? That depends, really-its different for everyone. Maybe you have a husband who works really hard to provide for you and instead of acknowledging that you decide you will interpret it as him not wanting to be with you. Maybe your wife asks you questions about your day because she is truly interested in you but instead you interpret it as her interrogating you. Or, maybe you are 100 pounds overweight and you are stealing experiences you could have if you were a healthier weight.

The last one is the one I deal with most often in my personal training practice. I hear, "I am overweight, but other than that I am healthy." Really? Is that possible? Can you be 100 pounds overweight, or even 50 pounds overweight, and call yourself healthy?

Being overweight has become socially acceptable in our culture. It should not be. People are stealing a better life from them self. They are forfeiting a life full of adventure and increased comfort for a life of small happiness in the form of chocolate and hamburger's mayonnaise.

Is that you? Are you a thief? Stop, thief! Get honest with yourself. Stop stealing from the person closest to you. Living as a thief will NEVER bring comfort, only pain. Best way to start is with a food journal. Write it ALLLLL down for a week and go over what you ate. Hire a trainer and really get a sense for how out of shape you are.

But most of all, stop lieing to yourself that you are "okay." "We were meant to live for so much more" is not just the name of a badass song, but a truth that many of us don't believe anymore.