Your Two Week Nutrition Plan for Crazy Weight Loss / by James Leath

Here is your assignment: By Saturday, create 3 days of meals, from waking up to going to bed. Include Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts/Seeds, eggs and meat/fish for each day. Send it over to me and I'll make any additions I think will help you, then when you hit the store you will be ready. Starting Monday, you will have 14 days to kick ass in the nutrition department and you will lose weight.
Sunday afternoon:
  • Hit the grocery store with your list in mind and prepare.
  • Grill up a few chicken breasts for you to add to meals all week.
  • Boil some eggs for quick snacks.
  • Cut up and store vegetables that are to be added to salads and morning omelet (Amanda and I pre-portion nuts, seeds and raisins into sandwich bags for quick snacks) Also, getting some bundles of leafy greens and cutting them up yourself is way cheaper than buying the prepackaged stuff.
  • Cut out Dairy and Bread completely for the first week. Amanda use to CRAVE milk every day. I challenged her on this and I doubt she will ever drink it again. I know I won't (except for the occasional coffee splurge at the Bux.) You can go back to it if you really miss it after the 7 days but I doubt you will. Or, try almond milk. We love the vanilla. As for bread and pasta, not for the next two weeks. Your carbs are going to come from fruits (bananas, apples, oranges, etc) and vegetables.

Sample day:

AM: Coffee, 2 eggs, 2 oz of chicken or bacon, bell peppers, mushrooms, and some avocado. (Imagine if your kids ate like this every morning!)

Move your body.
Snack: Hard boiled egg, strawberries. (Done with the coffee, switch to tea or water)
Move your body.
Lunch: A salad with very little dressing (try the raspberry spray dressing...bomb!) Add raisins, raspberries, strawberries, etc. (Pick 2 days a week to have yourself a little dessert after lunch, not dinner.)
Move your body.
Snack: Nuts and seeds, maybe some grapes. If you are going to drink a diet soda, pour out half, grab your soda and at least get a little walk in while you are sipping.
Move your body.
Dinner: Fish/Steak/lean meat. (Note: The meat should be no larger than the palm of your hand and no thicker than that, either.) Stay away from rice and mashed potatoes. Keep it simple with some green beans, soybeans, peas, etc.
Move your body. A family walk would fit nice here, or maybe a Wii dance off!
Dessert: This is most likely the worst idea ever when it comes to having a healthy body weight. Prepare yourself and that sweet tooth by buying small pieces of very rich chocolate. Stick to just one and make sure you are going to be up for at least an hour so it can move through your system and not keep you from sleeping.

Eating like this for two weeks will give you a great start on weight loss. There is a big difference between planning your meals and just recording them. When you just record them, you are vulnerable to the whims of the people around you and whatever is available. Be proactive, not reactive.

Get out of that body- you were meant to be so much more!