Introduction to Coach Notes / by James Leath

Welcome to Coach Notes! One of the greatest joys in my life is coaching athletes, especially young athletes. Over the years I have learned a few things and every season I find the same types of questions get asked.

Questions like, "When should my child focus on one sport?" or "How do I get my athlete to want to do better in school?" or even more practical things like, "What should I be feeding my athlete before/after competition?"

All great questions, all deserve the best answer I can come up with. 

I have some answers and some resources like this one that may help you as a parent. Why would you listen to me about parenting? One of the advantages to not having my own children is I am not biased to any one way of training, so instead I get to observe many different ways to help and can share them with you. The bride and I fostered last year and got a small taste of what its like to be a parent. If I can help make your job easier through an encouraging word or a strategy I learned somewhere, that is what I want to do.

As some of you know, I am finishing up my masters in Sport Psychology, and I am focusing on youth sports. I am dedicating my life to helping individuals become the best version possible.

I'm not selling anything here, I just want to share.

Every week, I will be sending out a short letter with an article about sports psychology, youth sports, or personal development. I will also include a few items about these subjects that I believe can benefit you, your athlete, or your team. Items like books, practical and/or applied research, or a YouTube video I found interesting. You can unsubscribe anytime- I won't be offended.

Also, I am writing a book on Sport Psychology for the Young Athlete, so I may share some of that content and ask for feedback. Other than that, my plan is to send you information I believe to be valuable for you.

For Coaches, I recommend a podcast by my friend Craig at If you listen to podcasts on your iPhone like I do, this is a great resource. I was on his show a few weeks ago talking about Mental Toughness for Young Athletes. Here is that link.

For Athletes, I ran across this YouTube video that was pretty motivational. Its only a few minutes so give it a look.

For Parents, the article I listed above is worthy of a second suggestion to read. With a title like "Best Parenting Tip Ever" how can you pass that up?