What is your “building” made of? / by James Leath

Are you in an abusive relationship with food? Do you give it power over you? Do you allow it to ruin your body?

Have you ever thought of food as a person that can make you feel good or make you feel like crap? For example, one of my favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, is famous for his bit on Hot Pockets.

He says, “I have never eaten a Hot Pocket then thought ‘I am really glad I ate that’- it’s more like: ‘I’m gonna die! Did I eat that or rub it on my face? My back hurts…

It’s the truth though! We are born with all the tools needed to be the best nutritionst in the world! When you have a stomach ache after eating, that is your body telling you either not to eat that or you didn’t listen earlier and now you have eaten too much! When you stand up after a meal and have to take it easy as you straighten up, don’t you dare say “that was good” because you just failed again at your diet! Who are you going to blame then?

Let’s be honest, though. It tastes good, right? Next time you are eating something you know I would slap out of your hand, ask yourself, “Is this so good that I want to wear it?” because the truth is WE ARE MADE OF WHAT WE EAT!

That last point falls on def ears often. Here is an illustration to prove my point:

Imagine building a building with shoddy material. Upon completion you ask, “Will this building last 80-100 years?” and then the builder says, “No, but the wood sure smelled good while we were building.”

What is your “building” made of? Is it time for a remodel?