Get the Edge. 
Are you looking to get the edge on your competition?  Do you lack in confidence and struggle to focus? Imagine how great you could be if only you could get out of your head on be fully present during competition! 

Leadership is Influence.
Are you a leader?  The answer is yes. Do you know how to lead? Usually, the answer is no.

Some leaders are loud, some are quiet; some are the best athletes on the team, others are not as athletically advanced. I'll help you discover your leadership type. 

Team Building Activities

Great teams have two things in common: a shared language and inside jokes. These 10 activities will help teams learn to compete against each other, solve problems with each other, and build both communication and trust. 


Improvisation for Athletes

What happens when you combine sports and  the television show "Whose Line Is It Anyway? Improved communication, increased trust among teammates, and a decrease in the fear of taking a risk. 

These 10 Improvisation Games will allow teams to learn different ways to communicate with each other, build trust, and teach valuable lessons about taking risks.