"Just keep working, just keep working."

Dory, from the movie Finding Nemo, repeats the words “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” over and over to herself to keep her on task. She knows she can easily get distracted, so to stay on task and not lose her focus she keeps her thoughts simple by repeating a mantra and even turning it into a little song, “Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming.”

Your attention is the currency of your performance. It is a great time to be a focused athlete because you live in a time of incredible distraction. That means while the world (including your competition or the person ahead of you in the starting lineup) is spending time and attention on their video game ranking or social media status, you can be in the gym, studying film, or mastering the fundamentals of your sport. 

It may be hard to see right now, but your hard work and focused attention will pay off. The attention you pay to get better at your sport will be the money you spend on game day. 

Just keep working, just keep working.