The Athlete as an Artist

The word “decide” literally means to cut away. As an athlete, imagine yourself as a big block of clay. You are the artist - through practice, workouts, and intentional study, you cut away the part of you that will hinder your performance. You cut away bad habits like not eating optimally so you can push your body to the limits, not getting enough sleep so your body can recover properly, and hanging out with negative individuals that hold you back from reaching your potential. You decide to work as hard as you can at practice, knowing that game day will be an opportunity to showcase your artwork, a masterpiece always evolving.

Your ultimate potential for greatness is inside you, under all the things you must cut away to reach your potential. You are the artist that must cut away everything holding you back from achieving the greatness waiting for you. Sadly, most athletes are not willing to sacrifice what is necessary to reach their potential.

What do you need to cut away from your life that will bring you closer to your goal? Decide right now, and act right away.

You are the artist; decide today.