Don’t be afraid of coffee! / by James Leath

For every study that says coffee is bad, 5 others say its good. The caffeine in coffee has been shown to boost your metabolism. Besides, its not so much the coffee, but what people add to coffee. Its like chips and salsa-salsa is loaded with great stuff in it! But the corn chip and the salt added is what makes the combo an instant junk food. A cup (8oz) or two of coffee in the morning (WITH BREAKFAST, NOT INSTEAD OF!) could be just what you need to get your day started off right.

Dear Coffee drinkers: A plan of action to make your coffee "better" for you.

If you add sugar and creamer, first ditch the sugar completely. No fake stuff, no real stuff.

A few weeks later, sub the cream for low fat or non fat milk.

A few weeks after that, buy your favorite coffee, then combine it with the same stuff, just decaffeinated.

As you ween yourself off of the caffeine, you can still enjoy the antioxidants of the coffee bean without the possible negative effects of caffeine.

Note: Coffee can make your bones week, so be sure you are drinking lots of water and working out regularly to increase bone density.