Interview: “Who to know in the No” Part Two / by James Leath

This is the 2nd part of an interview I did with Kim Burly, a Fresno native doing a blog series titled "31 Days of Fresno: Who to know in the No." What would you suggest as a good starting point for someone who is just starting to implement a fitness program after leading a pretty sedentary lifestyle?

Actually, that is a loaded question. The normal response is “Just get started. Go to a gym and get your body moving.” Of course, that is not enough and most people need guidance. Hiring a trainer is a great start. Training is expensive but so are the diseases developed from obesity; so really its pay now or pay later. I have quite a few clients I see once a week or every other week to help them spice up their own workout routine but others need guidance more often in the beginning, so they come in 3 to 4 times a week.

If a trainer is out of the question, look at your surroundings and make some changes. First, attack the kitchen. If your diet is full of chips, cookies, cakes, and pasta then it is no wonder you do not have the energy to work out. Start with eating foods that came from a farm, preferably from a local one. Second, its amazing to me how many parents fight to keep sports and PE programs in school, only to get home after work and sit on the couch watching TV for 3 hours, stuff their face, then repeat it the next day. There are numerous studies showing the correlation between obesity and watching TV. According to these studies, the more you watch, the more overweight you are. My bride and I saved over $1200 last year by not having cable. That kind of money can buy some great exercise equipment!

What kind of breakthroughs have some of your clients had in their fitness goals?

Recently, the best man at my wedding has lost over 50 pounds in 4 months by eating right and hitting the gym daily. Last year, I had two clients go from once or twice a week gym visits to competing in a triathlon with me. Currently, I have 3 clients that have lost between 30-150 pounds and are now running on a treadmill for the first time in years, and in one case, running for the first time ever! One woman I am working with has lost 150 pounds in the last year and came in second place last weekend during a two mile walk.

What is the best part about your work?

Every once in a while, someone I am working with will start a story with, “So, this weekend during my run I was...” and I stop them to make sure I heard them right. When clients start doing things on their own, like signing up for a race, saying no to donut day at work, or other “lifestyle changes” I can’t tell you how excited that gets me. Things like that remind me who much I love what I do. Just this morning I received a picture text of a client that has lost over 20 pounds and 6 inches off his waistline in 2 months. He put on an old pair of jeans, stuck both arms down the sides of his pants and his wife took a picture and sent it to me. I saved it on my phone. What a great way to start the day!

31 days of Fresno is a blog about all of the great things inFresno, so I have to ask- What do you think the best thing about living in Fresno is?

Fresno is the underdog-we are unpredictable. We go from electing a mediocre television star to mayor (no disrespect intended) to a young, vibrant business woman. The world sees our team win the College World series, then we are back in the spotlight as the drunkest city in America according to Men’s Health Magazine. The world looks at Fresno as a pit stop between Northern and Southern California, but those of us that call this place home know it is way more than an empty security bank building and a truck stop off ofHerndon Avenue. We have culture. We have history. I believeFresno is on the cusp of being a major player in California. I hope to be a part of that growth.

Along the same vein, its Friday night, where in Fresno are you and what are you doing?

My days start around 5am and the bulk of it is working with clients. When Friday night hits, I am arm and arm with my bride, wherever we are. A night game at Grizzly Stadium in downtown Fresno is a great time, and I really miss the Falcon Hockey team. Honestly, my perfect Friday night is spent at home with a few friends playing Sequence and sipping on locally grown coffee.

I know, you're totally already inspired and ready to go work out, right? I told you this guy was great! You can reach him by e-mail