The #1 Weightloss Inhibitor / by James Leath

Reality check: the hardest part of losing weight is...ready for it...YOU! It is simple in theory, really. Consume less calories than you burn and eat nothing that you wouldn't want your body to use to repair itself. Ask yourself, "Do you want my broken down muscles after a great workout to be built up by a Wendy's hamburger and frosty, or a protein shake and an apple?" It is warming up outside and we need to take advantage of it. you are strong enough to decide you are going to AT LEAST go for a walk outside. You were strong enough to go through all those stomach aches and self induced heartburn from over eating because it was Christmas, because it was Thanksgiving, because it was New Years, because it was the work party, because it was 3pm...whatever your EXCUSE is. Stop. Now.

Let's be real, shall we? Discipline cannot come without commitment. Until you are committed to losing weight, you will not. Don't make exceptions. Your so-called "cheat days" have already happened, so stop reversing your progress and move FORWARD!

Now let's go and sweat it out!

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