Online Group Coaching / by James Leath

Do you have a Biggest Loser Competition at work you would love to win? Workplace team competitions are very common these days. To win a competition, having a coach is the number one way to improve your chances of smashing the opposition. Fitness means something different to everyone. In working with your coach individually, you can come together as a group with goals specific for you but have a common focus and be able to support each other.

  • Initial 30 minute private consult
  • Follow up email with challenges and goals specific to you
  • Nutritional analysis and meal planning
  • Fitness plan creation
  • Follow up 30 minute call every two weeks
  • Email communication

When working in a group, you are more likely to stick with it because of the accountability you create. Its important to have a goal, but without a plan and a few different ways to achieve that plan your goal turns into a distant dream. With a coach, you get a playbook of years of experience and someone to help you navigate the confusing world fitness and health has become. I offer private training for individuals and group discounts for teams. I offer a 100% unhappiness guarantee. If you or your group is not happy with what we are doing after 30 days, you can get all your money back. So really, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.