A Lifestyle of Weight-loss / by James Leath

We are our habits, nothing less. Its 2011 and you have the rest of the year to follow through with your weight loss goal. How will YOU be successful even though MANY are not? I want to help. I know this is going to sound very simplistic, but most people do not gain weight by:

  1. Exercising,
  2. Eating a nutritionally balanced diet, and
  3. Eaving a positive self image.

  1. However, not moving our bodies; eating a convenient diet of whatever is available at the time and having a negative self image will always result in weight gain and health problems. There is no way around it; choose to not take care of yourself now will result in someone having to tame care of you later.

Here is the alternative to a future life dependent on others: take responsibility now. Can you imagine spending thousands of dollars over 5-10 years of education to get a job, then getting married and starting a family, then blaming life for "getting busy" when the doctor tells you diabetes is going to kill you soon? Is that all life is? I am so tired of hearing people blame the busy world THEY created for their health problems.

Here is some truth: most people choose their disease of tomorrow by their lifestyle choices today. America is literally killing itself with a knife and fork and blaming it on being "busy".

I will not die because of a disease I "earned". When I die, it will be of something out of my control-like some idiot running a stop sign or getting hit by a bus during a ride. Those are situations out of my control. However, I will take responsibility of my lifestyle and choose health instead of certain disease just because I cannot control the wrath of my tastebuds.

Life is more than going from sickness to sickness. I choose health. You should too.

Need some guidance? I spend my days as a fitness and weight loss coach. Email me at James@TrainerJames.com and let's get you in the right direction!