Private Online Coaching / by James Leath

Now you can have all the accountability and direction of a personal trainer without having to meet me at the gym. Do you need workouts, direct communication with a trainer, and accountability to stick to your fitness and health goals? Sticking to program is hard. Life gets busy, the weather changes, work becomes more stressful, good eating eating habits go astray, and all of a sudden you a stuck and don't know what to do. This is when a personal trainer is the best thing to bring on to your team. Except, we are not going to meet at the gym. Our sessions will be via Skype, email, and the cell phone.

With me as your Fitness Coach, you will get:

Weekly 30-minute phone calls Encouragement and accountability Exercise prescription Help with setting goals and creating strategy to stay on track with those goals Nutritional analysis and food planning (we create this plan together so it is something you can actually stick to!) Contact through email and text

What more do you need? Now let's go and sweat it out!