Happy New Rear! -Free Running App / by James Leath

Free Running App for iPhone and Android

Running is great for weight loss. Add in some resistance training, some solid nutrition, and you will drop a few dress sizes before you can say Boston Marathon. Of course, you don't have to run that race to lose weight, but hitting the open road with nothing but some sneakers and your favorite tunes is a very inexpensive, productive way to start up a fitness routine.

Don't worry if you can't run very far. Start with running a block. That is what my bride did. In May of this past year, she could barely run to the end of the block. Six months later, she crossed the finish line of her first marathon. (You can visit her journey blog here)

I do a lot of running, too. She loves the open road and I love a great trail run. We live in the hills of San Luis Obispo so an early morning trail run with my two dogs is a staple in my world. Before we finally went out and bought Garmin GPS watches we both used RunKeeper Pro for iPhone to keep track of all of our runs and long rides. I LOVE this app. For the month of January, it is free. I highly recommend it for any kind of endurance training.

RunKeeper Pro for iPhone

RunKeeper Pro for Android

This is a great app, so click on one of the links and add it to your arsenal of apps. As long as you have a connection it will record your entire workout and even upload it to the website so you can see your progress. Make 2011 YOUR year and if I can help, you know where to find me! Now go and SWEAT IT OUT!