Supplements and Weightloss / by James Leath

This weekend I was dragged to an Herbalife meeting. The girl in charge had this story to tell: "I was over weight, depressed, and eating chocolate like it was nobody's business. I wasn't working out, and I slept a lot. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Then I starting taking these supplements and shakes. I started working out at least an hour a day and I am now on a roller derby team. I ditched the daily visit to Sees Candy and started eating right. I have lost 30 pounds in 6 months-all because of Herbalife!"

Did you catch that?All because of Herbalife? Really? So the change in diet and exercise and no longer eating Sees Candy every night wasn't the reason for weight loss? My Mom shares Nutrilite with people and they have supplements and shakes, but eating that stuff without a proper diet and exercise will only shrink your wallet! Even she will tell you that! It drives me nuts to hear people give their entire weight loss success to a product other than hard work and discipline. (See the Taco Bell Diet, because everyone wants to be as thin as Charles Barkley)

In reality, you don't need a product to help you lose weight- you need a commitment. You need a plan. You need accountability and a positive environement where changing doesn't make everyone around you want to see you fail.

You can do it. You need to start with that belief, then move forward from there. If you want some guidance, email me at Now let's go sweat it out!

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