Will Smith wisdom, part one / by James Leath

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLN2k0b3g70&feature=player_embedded] “I am not afraid to die on a treadmill”

There is no sustitute for hard work. I am sure you have heard that one before, but it is true! Look, you didn't wake up one day with all that extra weight, it took a lot of meals to get you to where you are! Conversely, it will take you a lot of workouts to burn those meals. Hard work will get you far in life, but make sure it is smart work as well. Do shorter, HIGH intensity workouts instead of long, drawn out ones.

“Don’t you ever try to tell me that something is impossible.”

"James, I will never be able to get back into shape." If you think that, you are right.The mind controls the body, and our thoughts control the mind. Remember: Your health will be either top priority now, or a few months from ow when diabetes ad other obesity diseases start rearing their ugly face.

“Don’t try to build a wall, just tell yourself you just need to lay one brick as straight and perfect as possible.”

S0, you have 60 pounds of fat to lose. Let's lose one this week. Then another next week. Then maybe you have an awesome week 3 and lose 3 pounds. Great! A year from now you will be one hot mama! Same with your kids-if they need to lose weight, help them out one meal at a time. Focus on one thing a day, a week, or for some things the whole month-not everything at once. Maybe today is eating a solid breakfast the tomorrow is eating a solid breakfast and going for a run. NOTHING IS TOO SMALL!