Winning Youth Coaching Podcast

I was invited to be a guest on one of my favorite podcasts, Winning Youth Coaching, to talk about Mental Toughness in Youth Sports. It is hosted by Craig Haworth. It was a great time. We have a lot of the same beliefs about coaching youth. Hope you enjoy. Click here to visit the original site:

Here is the introduction:

Today we welcome Coach James Leath. James is currently getting his masters in mental sports psychology, has coached youth sports for many years, and is a student of all aspects of sports performance.  James started coaching when his 8th grade coach had to leave the team, so James took over and coached his own 8th grade team!  James played college football and played for the Los Angeles Extreme in the XFL.

The two huge ideas I took from this interview are both in the 2nd quarter – where James shares the secrets on how to truly be effective in teaching children, along with ways to improve your youth practices immediately.  James is the type of student of coaching we can all learn immensely from -  I hope you enjoy his insights and stories!



James Leath is a mental toughness coach with over 20 years experience coaching young athletes. He writes a weekly note to athletes, coaches and parents on subjects that pertain to sport psychology, youth sports, and personal development. He is currently finishing his masters of Performance Psychology and lives in San Luis Obispo, CA. You can sign-up for his weekly note here, find him on twitter at @jamesleath or visit his website