The Greatest Teacher, Failure is. / by James Leath

Here is some truth for you: no one cares about your goals.

Do you love the game?
Can you learn from defeat?
Can you come back from a devastating loss and be stronger than the day before? 

In "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," the great master Yoda looked at an old, broken Luke Skywalker who had given up on his calling. Luke believed he was a failure, and that he no longer had a purpose. Master Yoda put up a finger, interrupting Luke and demanding his attention, then whispered, “The greatest teacher, failure is.”

The older I get, the more I realize people think about me way less than I imagine they do. All those people looking at you at the gym? They are not. They are either on their phones or imagining everyone is looking at them. All those folks in the stands hooting and hollering? They are there for the entertainment and to be with others doing the same. Your boyfriend/girlfriend, your parents, your friends -- they support you, but your goals are up to YOU, not them. They aren’t lifting the weights, eating a high-performance diet, or limiting distractions like Netflix and social media. They aren’t staying up late at night with the jitters because of some competition the next day. Take ownership of your experience and stay focused on the goals that are in your control. In the end, those close to you will love you whether you win or you lose. So be the reason you succeed, knowing that even your best effort may result in a defeat.

Rarely will a great idea interrupt us. Silence your doubts and your ego, then what to do next to reach your goal will be obvious.